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About us

Your window on human rights

HuMedia is a digital human rights platform belonging to Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor. The platform mainly works to transform news related to human rights violations in the Middle East and North Africa into interactive materials that can attract all groups and bring about a real change in their human rights culture.

The platform’s work is supervised by a team specializing in managing social media platforms, including producers, content writers, legal professionals, montage technicians, and graphic designers.

Platform goals

  • Transforming human rights reports from hard news to attractive materials that address different groups.
  • Reaching the largest possible number of young people by being present on the different platforms that interest them.
  • Spreading the culture of human rights and transferring it from the circles of specialists only to all segments of society.
  • Raising human rights awareness in different age and intellectual groups.
  • Creating a visual archive that documents human rights issues and discusses the legal dimensions of daily incidents.

Fields covered

  • Armed conflicts
  • Freedom of speech
  • Women's rights
  • Children’s rights
  • Youths' rights
  • Refugees and migrants’ rights
  • Extrajudicial execution

What makes HuMedia’s content special?

  • Informative
  • Up-to-date coverage
  • Inspirational
  • Purposeful
  • Interactive
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